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Everyone has to go to the doctor at some point. As patients, we literally put our lives in the hands of the medical professionals who provide us with medical treatment and care. Medical professionals take an oath requiring them to administer medical treatment at a high standard of care. Unfortunately, medical professionals sometimes fall below this standard of care and administer medical treatment negligently and recklessly causing injury and death to their patients, which results in medical malpractice claims.

At Yonke Law LLC in Kansas City, Missouri, we represent clients throughout the area who have suffered serious illnesses and injuries as a result of medical malpractice.

Our attorneys have decades of experience and a firm commitment to providing our clients with exceptional service and getting our clients the best results possible in their med mal claims.

Filing A Medical Malpractice Claim

Medical malpractice lawsuits can be filed against medical professionals for performing or failing to perform certain actions. Some of these actions include misdiagnosing a patient or failing to diagnose a patient correctly. Delaying treatment or failing to treat a diagnosed disease can also lead to malpractice suits.

Medical professionals can be sued if they fail to obtain the informed consent of a patient for a particular course of treatment or medical procedure. Patients may also have a claim against a doctor for injuries caused because of errors the doctor made while administering medical treatment. Mothers who give birth to a child who was injured during the delivery may have a claim against the doctor. Likewise, patients who go to the hospital and receive negligent treatment may sue the hospital for damages.

Our lawyers focus on claims involving:

  • Failure to diagnose: When a doctor fails to diagnose cancer and other serious diseases or illnesses, the results can be catastrophic.
  • Birth injuries: Birthing can involve numerous complications and requires dedicated, professional care from the medical professionals involved. Cerebral palsy and other complications are common results of birth errors. We can help you determine whether your child's cerebral palsy was caused by malpractice. Our lawyers can help you with any birth injury claim.
  • Surgical errors: In emergency room surgeries and scheduled surgeries, patients put their lives into the hands of their surgeons. When errors are made that rise to the level of negligence, we help victims obtain the full measure of compensation they deserve.

You May Have A Medical Malpractice Case

As a patient, you may be hesitant to file a claim against your doctor for injuries caused by the doctor's negligence. You may question whether you can prove that the doctor was negligent and that the doctor's negligence caused your injuries.

You need an attorney on your side to help you with your claim.

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